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fitness_model_mainLindsay Messina has been on worldwide magazine covers, including Oxygen Magazine, Natural Muscle, Muscle and Fitness HERS, The Challenge, Status Magazine, and Fit & Firm Magazine. She’s worked with top companies, such as Under Amour, Lady Foot Locker, Ashley’s Furniture, and much more. Lindsay has been a professional model for 10 years and has worked with agents in NYC, including Wilhelmina and Silver Models. She’s also been on multiple international magazine covers, infomercials, QVC, and has hosted many international fitness-modeling shows, too.

She’s also built a multi-million dollar business, but helping others get on a healthier path while working from home is her passion. Lindsay is excited to connect with you in the FCM club and teach you ways to create success and live your dreams!

Within the last 10 years Lindsay’s had great success but also made many mistakes along the way. She never had anyone to coach or advise her on the right photographers to shoot with, which jobs to take or not take, how to connect with multi-million dollar companies, etc. Having learned all this the hard way, she is excited to help you with advice and coaching skills, including how to get out in the field and build your name in the industry.

Lindsay will provide everything you need to know before you get started. There are so many questions. Where do you start? Lindsay’s passion is to help as many aspiring models and competitors as possible to launch their career without making the mistakes she did.



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What is a Fitness Model?
This is a great question – I am often asked this question and my answer all depends on your goals. For me, I define a fitness model in a category of helping others, inspiring others and making a difference. Of course having a great body, toned abs and an all-around conditioned look is important. But, I personally feel being a “Fitness Model” is so much more than a pretty body or photograph. As a fitness model, it’s important to figure out how you’re going to make a difference with your hard work and dedication.

How do I break into the fitness modeling industry?
The fitness industry is just like any other business – it’s built on relationships! How are you going to separate yourself from the next beautiful fitness model? I always tell my clients that you need to align yourself with the best. That goes from photographers, agents, coaches, federations and other fitness models. If you’re going to put effort into building your brand it’s best to work with people who you look up to!

How do I choose a photographer?
There are so many amazing photographers and there are so many “non” professional photographers. You want to make sure you check their portfolio and ask who they shot with. Also, don’t be embarrassed to ask the other models about their experience. Please do you research before shooting with any photographer – you cannot take back or erase a photo.

Can I make money as a fitness model?
Usually this is comes with experience and creditability. People think fitness models get paid big money. Some do but most don’t. It’s a great start and there’s a lot of different ways you can create an income and develop your own brand – as through social media platforms, affiliate links and aligning yourself with the proper supplement company. This is my passion and love helping fitness models create a brand and turn their hard work into a profit.

Do I need to compete to become a fitness model?
I would say this is a great idea! It’s a great way to build into your story and brand. You will also surround yourself with the best in the industry and it’s a great kick start. Plus, most of the bigger shows have agents, photographer and scouts watching and seeking out there next superstar. There are a few federations I highly recommend to give you the best exposure.

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Fitness Model Success Stories


Becoming a posing client of Lindsay’s was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did I improve my posing and stage walk, I improved my confidence level on stage. My stage shots after working with Lindsay show my personality and you can see more confidence in my body language on stage. We worked to find the best pose for my body and my personality. In addition to my stage walk and posing, she helped me perfect my transitions between each pose and each marker on stage. Each week we worked on perfecting my walk, my posing, and my ability to connect with the audience and judges. Improving my diva strut helped me on stage, but it also helped me in daily life. It has made me more aware of my posture, how my body language shows confidence, and I have learned how to acknowledge and engage with people walking down the street.

I have accomplished more in 3 months on my personal goals than I have in almost 2 years. Lindsay has helped me develop a plan for accomplishing and making my dreams reality. Each week we work together on tackling smaller steps in accomplishing my big goals. In 3 months she has helped me figure out how to create a personal website, she has coached me with creating my business services, and she has helped me figure out where my time is best spent. I have been able to eliminate things that were holding me back or distracting me and I have filled the time with activities that put me closer to completing my goals. She has helped me overcome several of my fears in pursuing my dreams and she has kept me accountable weekly. I believe this is the reason for my success. I enjoy working with Lindsay because she has not only helped me with my goals, but she is relatable and supportive. It feels like she has known me for years.
Anna Lavonne Richardson


I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay at her DIVA Walking & Posing Workshop while I was preparing for my first fitness competition.  Following my show, I was reflecting on my comp prep and decided I wanted to pursue training with Lindsay for my next show.  During our initial call, Lindsay spent a lot of time talking with me about my goals and passions.  We discussed my desire to win my pro card, and get into fitness modeling, but she encouraged me to dig so much deeper.  Why did I get into fitness?  I told her several women had reached out to me during and after my prep and competition, and how that made me feel.  By the time our conversation ended, she had helped me realize that through my own personal struggles (and subsequent successes), I have evolved a confident woman and developed a true passion for helping women learn to believe in themselves and achieve their own fitness goals.  Suddenly, I not only had a new competition coach, but a business mentor as well!  I’ve always wanted to pursue something entrepreneurial but had no idea what to do.  I was thrilled to be embarking on such an endeavor, especially regarding an area in which I feel so strongly.  I was excited but apprehensive; I had no idea where to start!  Due to Lindsay’s experience in the fitness and modeling industry, I knew I could put my full trust in her guidance, and she would lead me down the right path.  In the short time I’ve been working with her I have developed a business plan, created a website, acquired a following, obtained sponsorships, and even have my very own clients!  I’m ecstatic about where my business is heading, and she and I have big plans for the future of feeling fitastic!

Kiya Marchi


Working with Lindsay was such a perfect fit.  It is so important to find a mentor who has similar values, work ethic and vision as you and she’s got it all!  We clicked from the moment we met but when we started working together sparks flew!  Lindsay has an amazing talent for vision.  She can see what it is that you are trying to put together before you even know it.  She has ability to brainstorm that helps you to see all the possibilities you have and helps you to see where you can really go.  Her endless resources and connections will save you so much time a research as she only works with the best of the best.  I was able to get my online coaching business up and running in less than 6 months with Lindsay.  We did a complete facelift of my company, she introduced me to some great people who helped me with my website and ads, she gave me tips and tricks that I still use today when promoting my company.  She has a genuine passion for what she does there is no arguing that, and because of this she is able to pour that passion into you work and really help you create something amazing.  She’ll guide you in the direction you want to go and help you along the way!  I strongly recommend working with Lindsay if you’ve got a real drive for what you want because she’ll help get you there!

Mia St-Aubin
Founder of RUNYourLife Coaching

Words from the Professionals

paul_bucetaI’ve had the privilege of working with Lindsay on several occasions over the last few years and I know I can always count on her professionalism and expertise in from of the lens. Every time we shoot, it’s magic.

Paul Buceta
Strong Magazine

lianaAs a photographer there is nothing more inspiring than working with a model who allows you to push beyond your own creative boundaries. I have to say that Lindsay Messina is that model for me. I have been fortunate enough to work with Lindsay on a number of occasions and each time she brought a magical energy on set that lead to some of my favorite work.

Through the years after our first photoshoot, I have worked with Lindsay not only as a model but also as an on set coach. I was amazed to see her value behind the lens as well. She is exceptionally intuitive with people and having her at my side when I work with new models is extremely invaluable. She goes above and beyond clients needs making sure that every details is taken care. This allows the work to flow and provides results that surpass expectations. Having Lindsay on set is one of the biggest assets that a model could bring to a photoshoot. I can’t wait to work with Lindsay again in the years to come.

Liana Louzon


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