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Who is Lindsay Messina?


Over the last 9 years, Lindsay has won 20 titles. She has twice been crowned the WBFF Bikini Champion, and once she won the title of Fitness America Champion. She is now using her talents and experience as a modeling and competition expert to coach over 200 girls whom she considers to be her Fitness DIVA team.

Lindsay Messina has been a professional model for 10 years and has worked with agents in NYC, including Whilimina and Silver Models. She’s also been on multiple international magazine covers, infomercials, QVC, and has hosted many international fitness-modeling shows, too. Lindsay Messina has been on worldwide magazine covers, including Oxygen Magazine, Natural Muscle, Muscle and Fitness HERS, The Challenge, Status Magazine, and Fit & Firm Magazine. She’s worked with top companies, such as Under Armour, Lady Foot Locker, Ashley’s Furniture, and much more. She’s also built a multi-million dollar business, buy helping others get on a healthier path while working from home is her passion. Lindsay is excited to connect with you and teach you ways to create success and live your dreams! polariods

wining-momentIt’s Time To Get Real!

Do you have what it takes to compete? Yes, of course everyone has what it takes to compete. It’s 80% mindset and 20% taking action.  You can compete in any federation or any category that fits your goals and is most similar to you.  You can choose to compete when you are ready for a physical and mental challenge. You will bring your body and strengths to another level.  As I discuss in my Blog on you have to decide how serious you want to be about the sport. There are so many amazing aspects to step on stage the only thing you have to do is make the decision and go for it! How long do you need to do contest prep for? It depends on the client and how much they need to condition their body.  So this is a person-by-person base.  Some clients take 16, 12 or 8 weeks for prep. I usually suggest at least 12 weeks this way you don’t feel rushed and do everything the safe and healthy way. All coaches and clients are different.  Our beliefs are teaching our clients how to train and eat and also make sure they are fully prepared for their big day that they worked so hard for.  Our contest prep is a turnkey program. You will learn everything from start to finish and have your coach guide you through the process. We always suggest more time for you to get to enjoy the process. Do I need to know everything before I make the decision to compete? Absolutely not! Your coach helps you with your process but you should always do your due diligence. Whatever your choice is –  just make sure you do your research and you’re not walking into your prep blind.   Each month you will learn something new and able to follow other competitors. Also every time you compete you learn something new about the sport or yourself. It’s an exciting process and I hope you get the competition bug! How much does it cost to compete? This depends – everyone is different on how much they are willing to spend on their experience. You can compete with a lower end budget or have an open-end budget. I always suggest for competitors to start low end – middle of the road.  You can save money on suits, theme-wear, or gowns. But hair and makeup is something I highly suggest to invest in. You can’t change bad hair or bad makeup on stage!  We teach our clients different way to save money and work within your budget.  We’ve figured out the tricks and align ourselves with the best designers in the industry. Do I need a coach to compete? You don’t need a coach or a team but it’s sometimes a better experience. I will tell you why.  I started competing in 2006 and I did everything by myself – no coach, no team and researched everything on the computer. The first show was pretty cool but it got lonely and felt “left out” I wanted to compete to meet like-minded people and be part of a group with good energy. I also learned so much once I discovered being part of a team is 10x better than going through the process by yourself. This might be for you – but it might not be. Either way, I want to express you can absolutely compete with no coach but when you decide to hire the right one for you – it’s the game changer! You will learn so much and not be stressed because someone has your best interest in hand. I don’t know how to walk or pose – is this important? It is, but you can practice and that’s part of your journey.  It is so exciting – week to week you will see vast improvements.  We hold DIVA Walking and Posing Clinics in New York, North Carolina and California. We also provide one on one and virtual sessions if you’re out of state. It’s good to have a great base. Walking, posing and bringing your WOW factor is extremely important. It’s not always the “best” body that places well. Do I need to be in great shape to start my contest prep? This is a great question; no you do not have to be in great shape to begin your contest prep. Athletes lose anywhere between 10 – sometimes over 100lbs before they step on stage. It’s all about being your personal best and having a great experience. You can compete at any fitness level, regional show or a national show.  It’s just about challenging yourself and bringing your body to another level.  Some of our clients start on a DIVA Lifestyle Plan for 3 months and then kick over to their contest prep. Clients are different depending on their goals. What can I expect from your DIVA team? We aren’t like the normal contest prep coach – we are a team of women who support each other and our mission is to give our clients confidence   poise and confidence. All the DIVA coaches and I believe competing is about developing individuals to the BEST that they can be. It’s not just giving them the best body before stage. We want to bring the best out in our girls and show them what they are capable of doing.  We are very involved with our clients and want only the best for them. We coach our girls about overall balance and how to incorporate competing, life challenges, growing mentally and physically as it all goes hand in hand. We do not believe in extreme measures or over diets with our clients.  We want our girls to walk on stage with a radiant glow, healthy skin and a sassy walk that owns the stage.  With our DIVA Lifestyle girls we help them learn how to eat properly and teach them the proper foods, workouts and cardio they need to maintain consistency and see change. Our team is a group of women who love to be empowered and connect with one another.  Our DIVA Coaches are top fitness enthusiasts who are WBFF Pros, Mothers, Business Owners, Fitness Professionals, Personal Trainers, Master Nutritionists and Athletes who’ve been in the industry for over 9 years.   We love what we do and we love to see our clients grow and make sure they have the best experience leading into their show.

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bottom-laughing-womanWhy not you?

As I started my journey to compete I had ups and downs – I was nervous and of course unsure of the outcome. I’ve realized so much about myself from one competition to the next! It finally hit me in 2008, this sport isn’t about winning or placing well – it’s about bettering yourself from the last time you stepped on stage. You compete with your mind and body – pushing yourself to the furthest limits. You learn so much about the process and most of all you see yourself grow. Some competitors get hung up on their placing and “body” and I get it – we all want to look unbelievable.  I tell my clients – think of all the people you’re inspiring to go to the gym, eat healthier and have belief that they can do it too – just by watching YOU. That’s what a fitness athlete is all about, that’s what a fitness model is, that’s what a DIVA is!  Inspire others to have more belief in them after seeing you accomplish your goals. The trophy – it a great reward! But, the feeling of changing someone’s life is indescribable. When you think to yourself  “Can I do this?”  “Can I have a body like that?”  My answer to you is YES! Is it going to happen fast and come easy? NO! But every phase is worth it! You have to take each step and believe and trust the process. You don’t have to compete right away. You can make that decision down the road. Have the goal to compete in the future is KEY – create a vision board, follow others who inspire you and listen or read self-development books! I have a few favorites I posted on my BLOG so make sure to check them out! Improving on certain skill sets and growing is the KEY to happiness and success. I can’t wait to see you shine as the women you deserve to be!  There’s nothing holding you back. Why not YOU? What are you waiting for? Figure out your goals and take small steps to see the greatest reward. I can’t wait to help you during your process and see your results.