How To Prepare For A Photo Shoot


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Fitness Model To Be,

Hi! I’m Lindsay Messina. Since the day that I decided to become a fitness model, over ten years ago, I’ve seen my photos in places that I never thought possible…

Oxygen, Natural Muscle, Muscle and Fitness, and more.

And I’ve worked for some of the greatest fitness brands in the world including Under Armour and Foot Locker.

But, when I started out, I had no idea what I was doing.

If you’re like I was, you probably dream every day of seeing yourself on world renowned magazine covers and landing top brands, but you still don’t know how to make your photoshoots successful…

Ever wonder…
  • What to bring to your photo shoot so that you’ll be prepared for any shot that you need?
  • What outfits you should pack for your shoot so that you’ll always look your best?
  • How to tan so that you’ll look gloriously bronze in front of the camera instead of orange?
  • What facial expressions are the most useful for fitness modelling and how to never have an awkward face in one of your shots?
  • What you need to do to prepare your hair, skin, and nails before every shoot?

I certainly did, and chances are you do to

That’s why I’ve decided to pack my 10 years of fitness modelling experience into a concise, but essential, guide that will help you make your next shoot a smashing success!



How To Prepare For A Photo Shoot

This downloadable booklet is packed with the most important things that you should consider every time that you step in front of a camera.

In it, you’ll get…
  • A photo shoot checklist that you can use before every shoot to make sure that you’re completely prepared to impress (no more awkward delays or disappointing photos on site).
  • A cheat sheet guide to finding the best hair extension, skin care, and teeth whitening products so that you’ll always look your best in every shot they take.
  • A collection of secret tips from the top fitness models in the industry that will tell you exactly how they succeeded so that you can too!
  • A guide to the best online resources with all of your photo shoot essentials so that you’ll always be ready to impress.
  • A packing list that you can use every time you’re going on site for a shoot. No more forgetting those essential items.
  • And more!

This information will save you hours of lost time that you would have spent on the fitness modelling learning curve. It will also save you hundreds of dollars on less-than-stellar hair, skin, and clothing products.

And you can get the full guide at an amazing price!

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If you want to take the fitness modelling industry by storm, why not learn the key tips from models who have already done it? Don’t miss this opportunity to avoid the mistakes that most budding fitness models make in the beginning of their careers!

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To Your Success,

Lindsay Messina


Success Stories

Deon Rawling Roberts

National Fitness Competitor; Deon Roberts

I love it! I used a website to order a swimsuit! I also like it because there is a checklist that will help me a lot! Thanks Lindsay!


WBFF Fitness Model Pro and Fitness Model; Sara Sutherland

I think it is really great! Super easy to read, the layout and use of the logos is really good! It provided information in every area needed for a successful photo shoot!


WBFF Fitness Model Pro and Fitness Model; Lori Ronlund

I loved how to prepare for your photo shoot guide! It was great information for us, especially the websites. I found the links the most helpful on where to purchase outfits.