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July 21, 2015
Love your body

Love you body…


This is to all the amazing powerful and loving women out there.

If we really think about for a second, how many can say they are confident and love their body?

Can you look in the mirror and feel sexy?



Do you look at yourself as a whole and smile with assurance?

There are so many amazing women out there who look at themselves in the mirror and see something different than the reality. The imperfections should be beauty, the curves should be personality, the different shapes, sizes and weight should be a work of art. A woman is beautiful from all shapes and sizes – most of all we are like fine wine and get better with age. Coming from the world of bikini competitors and fitness models the industry is cut throat and the standard with the “perfect physique” has ruined a women’s perspective of “beauty”. Most women in the fitness industry don’t understand the word balance. Either they’re all in or all out with training and nutrition. It’s hard for the average fitness model or Athlete to find their happy place. It’s OK to not have a 6 pack 12 months out of the year , it’s OK not to live in the kitchen and gym every day, it’s OK with eating 80% clean and 20% “off” , it’s OK to have a happy place and be OK with not having a competition or fitness model body. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes – the important part is to be HAPPY and CONFIDENT. The last 10 years I’ve realized off-season coaching is just as important as show prep.

This video is so moving to me! As women we should to love ourselves and others. All shapes and all sizes

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